Overview of Services

Graphic & Web Design

As a graphic designer, I provide print and web-ready material ranging from logos, business cards, posters & banners, icons, illustrations, and more. My work is vector based built to scale to any size, or hand-drawn to provide a personal touch. As a web designer, my work goes from sketch to finished design including all the coded styling. Through setting up the information architecture to working prototype, I do not chase imaginary pixel perfection and work on a strong foundation that ensures the vision translates across devices.

Web Development

As a web developer, I turn web designs into responsive, mobile-ready applications that have custom code on private servers or cloud infrastructure. I build marketing websites with static-site generators and e-commerce web apps as single-page or server-side applications. I provide DRY code that aims for maintainability and markup that is semantic with accessibility as a priority. I maintain servers and provide troubleshooting in debugging errors. I can also provide services in setting up e-commerce portals through platforms like Shopify.


I run social media campaigns to grow a following and keep content calendars busy. I direct a consistent branding strategy that will have the campaign standout from amongst its competition. I setup newsletters and create email designs—providing templates for future use if my role is temporary. I do research and discovery to make sure our SEO strategy reaches the intended demographics and builds upon the KPIs that are identified.


I can provide for projects new and old documentation and art direction guides to assist with onboarding and keep knowledge transfer in the organization fast and well articulated. I provide copywriting to keep a strong and consistent voice throughout copy and printed materials. I also provide assistance to video editing, filming, and photography. If needed, I am able to help with hardware setup and repair.


Production & Delivery Methods
Service Tool
Graphic / Web Design Affinity Suite
Illustration Procreate / Pixelmator Pro
Text Editor + Terminal Nova / Hyper / Oh My Zsh
Deployment Netlify / Vercel / DigitalOcean / Azure
Database Firebase / Fauna / PostgreSQL
Prototypes Sketch / Figma
Domains Vercel / Google
Writing iA Writer / Craft