Papa Rap is a musician and Latino motivational speaker operating in Northwest Arkansas. He hosts events, performs in a variety of bands, conducts PSAs, does cultural and music presentations in primary schools, and is a spokesperson for the community.

Since 2007, Papa Rap and I have been working together as I created his first website long ago in Flash and have steadily been improving his web presence and helping out with some design work here and there. To coincide with new music that was set to release in 2020, we wanted to update his logo and social media pages with a new look.

The new Papa Rap logo connections with his music background in a playful way, and keeps intact his choice of having a colorful presentation. It was a challenge keeping with his request of having at least the six primary and secondary colors featured prominently in the design, but we found together a neat and minimal look that has a slight slant to give it some energy. The design is also versatile enough to appear very clear in black and can be adjusted to match seasonal or event specific colors to harmonize with any media.

With the 2020 event calendar all but canceled due to the pandemic, the logo has yet to see its public appearance after its brief online debut, but with recovery on the horizon, the expectation is to be seeing this logo in a multitude of material and displays in Northwest Arkansas. Expect this page to be updated soon.